Types of Insurance you should be familiar with

What Is the Difference between No-Fault and At-Fault Insurance States?


The United States are divided into:

At Fault (for example, in California the insurance of the person responsible for the accident is paid to the victim)

No Fault (for example, in Arizona, regardless of the fault, your damage will be covered by your insurance)

You need to know, what type of system is in the state, where you are going to stay.

For California, for example, there must be a minimum liability insurance for the owner in case of accidents, while this minimum insurance will not cover damage to your car, only the minimum liability of you as the culprit. This is one of the cheapest insurance, which all car owners are required to have. Its the basic insurance rules you must remember.

However, unfortunately, its coverage is often not enough when any accident occurs. Even a tourist, who bought a car here in order to just drive a month across the USA, (up to 14 days you can drive without penalty for lack of insurance, otherwise it is either a fine or a parking penalty) should have it.

Talking about the extended insurance

This type of insurance includes:

  • high coverage limits
  • coverage to both sides (your responsibility and your car)
  • car coverage, if it is at the parking and something happens to it
  • uninsured motorist liability
  • paying for a rented car for the period of repair after an accident or roadside assistance along with paying for a tow truck.

There is also the concept of total damage, this is when the insurance decides that the car is inappropriate to recover and pays an amount equal to the cost of the car on the market at the time of the accident. All costs for the disposal, storage and transportation assumes the auto insurance (but it also depends on the company, where the policy was purchased).

If you decide to keep the car, then its status changes to ‘salvaged’ and you must buy it from the insurance for an amount equal to the residual value of this car after the accident. Insurance deduct this amount from the payment for your car. Unfortunately, not all salvaged cars can be registered after repair.

In some cities in the US, public transport is generally absent, because every family has several cars. America is probably the most motorized country in the world. Here, everything is created for man and for the sake of man. It is simply impossible to imagine an American without a car. That is why it is important to know all the features of car insurance in the USA.

The basics of car insurance in the USA

Insurance plays an extremely important role both in the life of the entire American society, and in the life of an individual family. We will talk about car insurance simply because many people face it almost immediately upon arrival in the country. The need for other types of insurance arises later if you are planning to live in the USA.

Car insurance is regulated by law at the state level, not at the federal level. Driving without insurance is a serious offense and is strictly punished. You can only trust information received from an insurance specialist in your state. When using jeep rentals denver Colorado, consult the agent about this matter. Any information in other states may be inapplicable outside of Colorado.

There are some other Types of Insuracne you need to know before taking one.

Why do you need to insure your car?

In almost all states (there are exceptions) car insurance is mandatory in terms of civil liability. The amount of coverage required varies from state to state. For example, in California it amounts to $ 15,000 for bodily injury per one victim and up to $ 30,000 for more than one victim. In addition, it provides liability for damage to someone else’s property – $ 5,000. All this is based with a view on one accident.

Car Insurance

There are 3 types of coverage that should be included in your insurance policy – they will provide protection in case you encounter on the road a person who has no insurance, or whose insurance is not enough for this case:

  1. Medical Coverage

In the USA, this coverage is not necessary, but it is recommended to include it in the insurance, because these funds are issued instantly, no matter who is the causer of the accident. Most often, you are advised by the insurance agent to arrange such coverage, because with its help, you will be protected in case of injury. When you need to get medical help, you can take money from this coverage.

  1. Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury

This coverage is responsible for personal injury and moral damage.

  1. Uninsured Motorist Property Damage

It covers vehicle damages. You cannot expect that in case of trouble you will be covered by someone else’s insurance – you need to have your own. According to police statistics in the state of California, 28-30% of drivers have no insurance at all. Add to this the same percentage of people with the minimum legal coverage required and you will understand that if something serious happens to you on the road, there is almost no chance of getting money from the culprit.



The US is home to some of the best mountain resorts in the world and if you want a little
getaway from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, then you might want to
take a 24hour car rental service to one of these luxurious locations. In this
post, we will showcase three of the best holiday mountain resorts in the US to help
you choose the best one!

Here are our picks!

1. Viceroy Snowmass

This is easily one of the most luxurious mountain resorts in Colorado. This resort is
packed with high end, state of the art amenities including a fitness center
with top notch equipment, a 7,000sqft spa, pool areas fitted with cabanas,
relaxation rooms etc. It also comes with ski valet services which range from
maintenance of ski equipment to professional skiing lessons. The valet services
attract a daily fee which is very affordable and also expected of a resort of
this calibre. Located in Snowmass village, this resort is definitely one of the
best in the country and is a great choice of a vacation spot.

2. Mirror Lake Inn

This resort and spa is located in NewYork and is one of the most luxurious mountain resorts
in the country. Here, you can begin your day with a tranquil canoe ride and
also test out your mettle on the skeleton track in the eastern part of the Rockies.
It is the perfect holiday destination for families as it is very serene, cozy
and has a wide range of kid-friendly activities to choose from. So, if you want
to have some quality family time, this resort is specifically designed to meet
all your needs.

3. Four Seasons Resort, Wyoming

With an incredible view of the mountains and luxurious rooms, this resort is definitely
one of our top picks. It offers incredibly active vacation adventures ranging from
geocaching to rafting all year round. The rooms are very well furnished with
fire places, a terrace and everything to make you feel right at home. When it
comes to a luxurious stay at the mountain side, this resort is all you need and

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to get in your 24 hour car rental service and visit one of these incredible
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Best Places to Visit in the Oklahoma

You are thinking about traveling to Oklahoma or you even live there, but don’t know what places to visit? Don’t worry, there are so many places to visit while you are there, that it would be hard to count all of them.  Also, if you are wondering about your transport, there are many companies to which you can go for renting a car at 24.

So here is a list of the most popular and best places you should visit.

Broken Arrow

This one includes in it several things you can do.

· 8 golf courses

· Cycling trails

· Military history center

And that’s not all, there are a lot more things you can do and see at Broken Arrow for every taste. This would not be the first place to visit, but if you have been in Oklahoma several times you should get to Broken Arrow either.

Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge

This place is important for especially elk and bison. This place has really great views no matter in which direction you are looking at. You can also do rock climb, mountain biking, and hiking.
I totally recommend visiting Wichita Mountains.

Turner Falls

If you are interested in seeing the beautiful side of nature, this is the right place to visit. You can see a lot of things there, like ice cold streams, 77-foot high waterfall, and even caves.
You can visit Turner Falls at any time of the year, it’s always beautiful there.

Beavers Bend State Park

One of the most popular parks in the whole of Oklahoma. It’s really relaxing to visit this place. There are several things you can do. Take a walk, visit Centre museum and also, there are happening many events throughout the whole year.

Route 66

I guess many have heard this name. Driving the whole road could be not interesting since it’s very long. But few miles for the taste could give you great experience, memories and while driving you can visit local towns for some more to see.  This road is popular also for taking pictures while standing on it.

Final Thoughts

The only problem you could get in touch with is finding a car, because not every place to visit is near the next one. But as mentioned before, there are several companies who are renting a car at 24.
I can easily say there are a lot of objects and places to visit and see in Oklahoma.


Depending on the desired vacation, choose the type of rental car ( I suggest using enterprise mco) that is suitable to spend the best vacation possible. Focus on comfort, space or luxury, depending on the type of situation. Here is a top 5 vehicles that will make your journey very pleasant, with recent models or popular suggestion.

1 – The break for family holidays

You have a bunch of kids, big terrors of sandboxes, ready to conquer the beaches this summer? So opt for the break. Spacious, it accommodates between 7 and 9 places. The Ford Mondeo SW TDCi 180 Powershift has a large trunk of 500 liters (to put all your luggage and those of your brats) as well as excellent handling, unparalleled comfort and low consumption.

2 – The convertible for a romantic holiday

To do a bit of cliché, why not rent a convertible and go on a romantic cruise along the French coastal roads? This year, it’s the cute Volkswagen Beetle convertible that will send you all the mirettes. With its feminine roundness emblematic and its timeless little retro side, it will appeal to lovers of outdoor stays. And for even more fun, it is equipped with a superior audio system and an infotainment system.

3 – The van for the adventurers

For road-trip enthusiasts, we advise you to opt for robustness first and foremost. Rent one of the vans offered by the site Campanda for example, because they allow to install in the back all the necessary to sleep on the road. Set off to conquer Eastern Europe or Australian deserts with a vehicle that can withstand any climate or soil. On the Campanda site, vehicles are generally fully equipped and equipped with kitchenettes and bunks, such as the van Malibu for example.

4 – The sportswoman for solo vacations

Are you single or go alone this year? In this case, indulge yourself and rent the cream of the crop, especially if you are a big fan of beautiful cars. The Porsche Cayenne seems then all found: sporty, racy, and simply a monster of beauty, it will not go unnoticed. In addition, it offers extreme driving pleasure and maximum comfort. Do not hesitate to take some driving lessons before, because these critters are … ultrasensitive!

5 – The city girl for city-trip

To be able to park quietly and to be able to easily circulate in the narrow streets of the cities, the small city car is just ideal and not cumbersome. The Dacia City, mini urban, would have a simple design and all-in-one in addition to being quite affordable to purchase. With 4 doors and 5 seats, it can accommodate a family of medium size. Find all our other favorite city cars, at rental24h.com!
For your holidays , Rent A Car offers different models of passenger cars. Make your choice according to your needs.

Comfort car rental

The Comfort range is made up of road cars that are ideal for moving on motorways and more generally for covering long distances. A key word: the pleasure of driving. Proposed version 5 doors, these cars are suitable for holidays with family or friends.

Sedan rental

The sedan car is ideal in all situations. Comfortable and spacious, the sedan type vehicles have a powerful engine. So many arguments that make it a serious contender for long journeys, so departures on vacation. Rent A Car offers five-seater sedans, such as Peugeot 508 or Mercedes C-Class. There are other models, however: check with the agency located near your home for more information.

Minibus rental

Are you planning to go with family or friends? The minibus is a timeless classic for group travel. More than a car, a space of life and conviviality that will mark your holidays.

MPV rental

With seven seats, the minivan is the family car par excellence. It meets all the criteria of comfort and security to travel to several with ease. This vehicle is naturally suitable for departing on holidays with children or friends. The minivan is also plenty of room in the trunk to store luggage!

Equipment and options

Radio CD, GPS, snow chains, but also baby seats and booster seats for children: Rent A Car offers various options to optimize your trip by car. You will find more details on the vehicle cards. Do not hesitate to contact one of our car rental agencies directly for any type of question.

How to make Memorable Visit to Denver


Denver is the most populated municipality of Colorado State in the U.S. There are innumerable exciting places in this place and you need to have a full of it. Where you are outside of Denver, this city is a place you should consider visiting for your next leisure. In the next leisure, you make consider taking your entire family along. When you are traveling around especially in Denver with family members you should consider it worthwhile to rent a car in Denver to give your family members maximum comfort.

Comfort should not be traded for anything. Give yourself comfort and the entire members of your family as you travel for holidays or relaxation. Now, in order to make your travel around Denver more exciting and memorable, there are places you may love to visit and a few other things you may love to do. Let’s see how you can make your stay a memorable one in Denver.

How to make you Stay in Denver Memorable

There are generally two major ways you can make your stay in Denver most memorable. These include visiting some sight attractions and doing few things. There are numerous sight attractions in Denver.

1. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater.

This place is worth visiting in person. Don’t just read about it. The rock is over 250 million years in existence. It opens daily and without charge. It only attracts fees on concert days. This rock situates in Morrison about 15 miles west of Denver.

2. There is an iconic building of 1880 in Denver.

This historic building was reopened in 2014 for you to have a feel of it. It is a powerful sight attraction for travels and leisure. A visit to this building may make your stay in Denver more memorable. This building is called Union Station.

3. The state capitol building is another sight attraction in Denver.

The architectural design of this building is amazing. It worth all your time and effort to visit. It was built in the 19th century. As at today, the place is opened every day for about free 45 minutes tour of the building. When you visit, remember to take a good photograph for your Instagram followers to see and feel the magnificence with you.

4. The Washington Park.

There is one of Denver’s finest park and very exotic place to physically experience if you have not already visited. Even if you have visited before, you are can testify that it worth visiting again. This park is called Washington Park. It covers about 165 acres of land. The largest flower garden in Denver is in this park. There are two scenic lakes worth sighting in person.

5. 16th Street Mall.

Another exciting sight attraction place in Denver is the 16th Street Mall. The Mall is lined up with a variety of restaurants, stores and entertainment venues and visitors from all over the world. It is a very popular place to visit. You would have a memorable time with your family in this Mall.

Denver is one place worth touring for leisure. Do not visit alone. Let your spouse and children have the same fun feel. As for your children, it is part of education and civilization for them. It will create exquisite images in their subconscious that would definitely affect their future positively. When you travel to Denver with family members for leisure, it is an investment.


In order to have comfort at its peak, it is important to rent a car in Denver to take you to all these places. You deserve the best comfort ever. Imagine how much excitement you give to your family by visiting red rocks park and amphitheater, Union Station, State Capitol, Washington Park, and 16th street mall. You may not have the best should you not rent a car in Denver.